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Are you living with chronic or recurring nerve pain in your feet, knees or other areas? Debilitating pain impacts your quality of life and leaves you feeling physically and emotionally drained. You may believe that your only options are to manage the pain with addictive medications or to endure the pain, side effects and expense of surgery. At Ohio Advanced Medical, we are the pain clinic that can give your life back through an alternative treatments options.

As your neuropathy specialist in Dublin, we are pleased to provide Electrical Cell Signaling to our patients as a proven solution to foot pain, knee pain and nerve pain in other areas of the body. Our FDA-cleared pain relief treatment has already eased the pain of many others in the Dublin area, and we can tell you if this is a suitable treatment for you through an in-office consultation.

Understanding How We Treat Nerve Pain

Electrical Cell Signaling is a pain-free electrotherapy solution that encourages healing inside the body. It does not mask pain as pain relief medications do, and it actually can give you the long-lasting results that you need to truly restore your quality of life. The unfortunate reality is that 20 million Americans are living with serious pain in their feet, knees and other areas of the body, but you no longer have to suffer with your condition because we provide an effective treatment.

Specifically, electrotherapy targets the cause of the pain at the cellular level. Nerve pain is often caused by improper communication between the cells. Our electrotherapy solution is non-invasive, and it is administered through a series of painless sessions in our office. There is no recovery time. Because this electrotherapy solution promotes natural healing at the cellular level, it produces the long-lasting relief that you need.

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The Healing Benefits of Electrical Cell Signaling

Through a consultation with our neuropathy specialist, you can learn if electrotherapy is a suitable treatment for you. This alternative treatment has been effective at treating many causes of nerve-related knee pain, foot pain and pain in other areas. Regardless of the cause of your nerve pain, you may find the relief that you seek at our pain clinic.

Restoring Your Quality of Life

Because of the nerve pain that you are living with today, you may no longer be as physically and socially active as you once were. Your professional aspirations and personal relationships may have suffered. Having to decide between the pain and expense of surgery and the potential addiction of prescription medications puts you in a no-win situation. However, we are proud to provide you with a superior treatment that has the ability to restore your quality of life. You can find a deeper level of enjoyment in your personal relationships, career, hobbies and more once you take advantage of the treatment and healing benefits of Electrical Cell Signaling.

Is electrotherapy right for you? Through a consultation with our neuropathy specialist at Ohio Advanced Medical, we will fully answer all of your questions about this treatment. We will also determine if this treatment is suitable for your specific health situation. Call our office at to request a consultation.


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